Monday, August 15, 2016

Nailed - Opal Carew

Nailed – Opal Carew


Contemporary Erotic Romance
August 23, 2016
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781466854734
ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley
She never meant for this to happen. She never thought she'd be caught between making her business a success and following her heart. But with her beloved nail polish business in jeopardy, a face from her past offers her a deal she just can't refuse: marry him, and her business will be saved. However, her knight in shining armor isn't looking for a platonic business deal. He wants their marriage to be every way. Some loves are easy. Others are taboo. And one woman is about to see how far she can push the boundaries.

The writing was excellent as it always is with Opal Carew. I haven’t read one of her books I didn’t thoroughly enjoy.

River is a nail polish designer working at a nail polish retail store – she’s still paying off her school tuition. In her spare time she designs unique nail polishes. She started an online campaign to raise funds to bottle, package and market her product.  To her delight, her campaign meets its goal. The highest bidder gets to go out to dinner with River. Little does she know that the highest bidder is Kane, her ex from college and the guy who broke her heart.

Kane makes River an offer that’s hard to refuse, he offers her a partnership. Her one of a kind nail polishes will be sold at a high end retailer. River refuses the offer at first, she can’t get over what he did to her in the past. Things change when she loses her job. There is also one clause in the contract that makes her hesitate but in the end she accepts his offer. Their relationship goes to a whole new level. River is given a life she’s not comfortable with and she feels Kane is trying to change her into someone she’s not but realizes in the end he isn’t trying to change her at all, just trying to protect her. Another person is thrown into the relationship towards the end which seems to make everyone happy.

There is a lot more going on in the book and I enjoyed reading it. I liked River’s character at first. She knew what she wanted and worked to get there but as the book progressed she seemed to lose some of her spunk. I feel that Kane and Will’s relationship could have been explained more thoroughly throughout the book. I liked that Kane wanted River so much that he went to the extreme to ensure she would be in his life.  

Overall, I liked the book and would recommend it.